The new digital nation-wide TV channel JIM was launched at the end of February in Finland. So far the expectations have been exceeded. JIM reached already during its first week over 1.3 million people in Finland.

According to the television audience measurement (Finnpanel), over 500 000 viewers on average have found the channel daily. The commercial viewing share of JIM was 5.9% during the first week.

"JIM does not intend to recycle old programmes. We offer new and different kind of programmes – and it seems that the audiences agree with us", estimates Elina Pentinsaari, the Head of Channel.

The main target group for JIM are Finns with positive attitude towards change. At the moment approximately 65% of the viewers are male. According to Pentinsaari it is almost surprising how accurately the viewer shares have followed the initial estimates. "The active attitude in the programmes appeals to men – just like we expected."

Other Finnish free to air channels mainly offer entertainment, drama and news on weekdays, but JIM shows a documentary film every night at 9 pm. The themes of the documentaries vary from supernatural to nature and famous historical figures. Each evening has a clear theme so the audiences know what to expect. Also adventure and DIY programmes are part of JIM's repertoire.

Nelonen and JIM support each other

Television business is fast and international. Internet has made the viewers more conscious and active; international trends spread quickly to all parts of the world.

Thanks to television audience measurements the popularity of the programmes is known just a day after they are shown. Tough competition means that the productions in particular in the U.S are discontinued if they are not immediately successful – this is true also for productions that could be successful in other, smaller markets.

JIM's successful launch is based on a strong insight on how to operate successfully in a fragmented media environment. In the digital future just waiting around the corner, Nelonen Media believes that carefully focussed TV channels are increasing in popularity.

Nelonen Media is aiming for a strong growth in its TV business. In Finland the viewing shares of the commercial TV channels are still quite small in comparison to other European countries and the U.S. TV advertising is also relatively inexpensive.

"The common goal for Channel Nelonen and JIM is 40% market share of the television advertising in Finland. Last year Channel Nelonen share was 31.4%, so we think this goal is pretty realistic", Pentinsaari clarifies.

"Nelonen and JIM support each other. There is only a limited amount of prime time, and with more channels we can respond to viewers' needs even better."

Nelonen Media is part of SanomaWSOY's electronic media division SWelcom.