Independent Media Sanoma Magazines has launched a new monthly magazine Try!, which is going to change the opinion that teenage press cannot be serious.

Try! is a unique symbiosis of business and lifestyle magazine meant for modern, young people. It offers practical advice on how to achieve success in life. Try! is a magazine for those who are interested in politics, business, arts, fashion, cars and high tech. The reader knows how to have fun in life and take the most of it.

Try! is completely different from the existing magazines for young people. First of all, there are much more subjects and topics for discussion (investments, business education, cars, high tech, entertainment, etc). Another important element is the magazine's discount card. Readers can save money by using the services of the participating companies like boutiques, computer and book stores, night clubs and so on. Try! club card owners receive discounts and many other surprises.

The magazine is distributed broadly: at the leading universities of Moscow, with companies interested in talented and ambitious young employees. Try! is also distributed at the participating companies of the Try! club card.

Try! will be published on a monthly basis, with a circulation of 80,000 copies.

Independent Media Sanoma Magazines is part of the magazine division of the SanomaWSOY Group.