What's for dinner? Foody.fi is a new kind of a community for everyone interested in cooking, baking or food. Foody gathers together the most popular food blogs and the most interesting food and recipe links all over the internet.

Foody offers cooking inspiration and ideas, eye candy and a place to collect and store their own food and recipe links. Stored links and data can easily be accessed by the user from anywhere at anytime. Users can also share their favourite links with friends and discuss about cooking with other enthusiasts at Foody's discussion forums.

Gloria Food and Wine magazine offers a professional point of view to the food industry with their weekly recipes and wine recommendations. You can also follow their Pöytäpuhetta (table talk) blog that discusses current phenomena and happenings of the gourmet world.

"Foody is more than just a discussion and interaction forum: Foody helps its users' in their hectic lives. The food and recipe blogs are written by enthusiast home cooks offer variety to commercial recipe banks in addition to the great recipes that are tested in real life and in real kitchens," explains producer Tuomas Hautala of Sanoma Digital.

"Foody does not seek only seasonal users but a permanent user group that forms a strong and active community for years to come. Food blogs are inspiring to read, because the writers honestly share their mistakes and successes. We aim to bring active food enthusiasts together, whose tips and tales are approachable also for the less experienced cooks," he adds.

The same ideology can be seen in Sanoma Digital's other new community service, Tyylitaivas.fi. Tyylitaivas (Style File) is a virtual community for everyone interested in fashion, style and clothing. Also in Tyylitaivas, the content is user generated: registered users can describe their own style, upload photos of their daily look or accessories and clothing. Designers have an opportunity to present their upcoming lines and to get valuable feedback directly from the end users.

Both services have been developed in cooperation with users during the summer 2007. Sanoma Digital also has other services in beta-stage: Motomania.fi for motorcycle fans and Glossy.fi for cosmetic and make-up maniacs.

Sanoma Digital is a joint unit of Sanoma, Sanoma Magazines and SWelcom. Sanoma Digital operates online market places, develops new advertising financed consumer services and sells online advertising to the SanomaWSOY Group's existing services.