Adria Media Zagreb, Sanoma Magazines' Croatian publishing company launches a new women's monthly magazine Sensa on 28 September 2007. Sensa, a modern glossy magazine, will cover topics related to health and beauty. First issue will be launched with print run of 40,000 copies and a price of 25 kn (EUR 3. 40)

Sensa has a clearly defined unique concept of promoting healthier and happier life and it creates a new segment in the Croatian market. It's a modern, feel-good magazine, unlike any other.

Sensa focuses on the body and mind. The stories are inspired with new psychology approaches and based on holistic view of body and mind. The new magazine targets an open-minded and modern woman who seeks balance in life. Her attitude is that outside beauty comes from the inside. Sensa's writing style is non-judgmental, informative and easy to read - yet smart.

Adria Media Zagreb is a part of Sanoma Magazines, the magazine division of the SanomaWSOY Group.