Sanoma Magazines Finland has opened Kiloklubi, a new Finnish Web-based service dedicated to helping people who want to lose weight. The new service is designed to provide comprehensive advice on a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle rather than promote wonder diets or "quick fix" solutions.

- The new Web site - - incorporates input from some of Finland's leading experts on losing and watching your weight. Kiloklubi is Sanoma Magazines Finland's first stand-alone Internet service. - We have drawn on the extensive content and target marketing expertise that we've built up with our magazines in developing the new site, explains Internet Manager Hans Valldén.

- Internet-based weight-watching services have been a success in the US and Sweden, and we believe Kiloklubi will lead the way in Finland, where the market in this area, we believe, is worth some €100 million a year.

- We have followed the development of internet services for couple of years now. In the future, our aim is to develop new internet based products and services in line with our existing brands as well as to create new internet brands, Valldén describes.

Knowledge decreases weight

- The databases and technical innovations we have built into Kiloklubi are designed to serve the average person trying to lose weight, explains Anu Mäkelä, the producer of the new site, and previously site coordinator for Sanoma Magazines Finland's Vauva magazine for families with young babies.

- Kiloklubi can advice people on how people's choices in terms of diet and exercise affect weight loss and keeping their weight at the desired level. When people learn to understand the 'bigger picture' behind what they eat, they can forget about things like counting calories. By drawing on expert know-how, we can provide Kiloklubi customers with sensible diet guidelines that actually work. Kiloklubi offers a realistic, goal-driven way for people to achieve the weight they want and stay at that weight, she continues.

Customised recipes and supporting articles

Kiloklubi members can order menus customised for their needs from the service or receive feedback on whether this represents a suitable balance of nutrition and calories. Feedback is provided using a simple traffic light colour-type indicator. Users can also receive guidance on how best to change their diet where appropriate.

The service includes over 2,000 recipes with full nutritional data and the amoun of recipes is growing continuously. Kiloklubi members can tailor their personal database by selecting their favourites and adding recipes of their own as well.

The rest of the content of the new site - including articles, news, and discussion forums - is also designed to support, motivate, and entertain people watching their weight. Subjects covered, in addition to losing weight, include nutrition, exercise, well-being, fashion, and beauty.