Sanoma Uitgevers, part of SanomaWSOY's magazine division, Sanoma Magazines, has appointed Paul Molenaar, 44, as Chief Operating Officer, Online and Media Innovation. The appointment will be effective as of November 1, 2006. Paul Molenaar will also continue as Chief Executive Officer of the ilse media group.

The new position of COO, Online and Media Innovation fits in Sanoma Uitgevers' strategy of focusing its business activities. In this new position, Molenaar will be responsible for all the online and new media activities of Sanoma Uitgevers.

Paul Molenaar has more than 20 years' experience in the publishing industry. Since he became CEO of ilse media in 2001, he has produced solid operating results for Sanoma Uitgevers. Thanks to his management skills, ilse media became a thriving company. With its reach of at least 69% of all internet users, ilse media is the largest internet publisher in the Netherlands.

– I chose Paul for this position for his vision, his leadership skills and because of what he has achieved in the media world. He is the perfect person to manage our online and new media efforts and to develop them further, Dick Molman, CEO of Sanoma Uitgevers explains.

Paul Molenaar is delighted with his new role. – This phase in the media industry is dynamic and inspiring. The old and familiar are falling away, such that nothing is certain, while at the same time many new opportunities are arising. I see this as a chance for both me and Sanoma Uitgevers to chart a new course for the entire company – together with the internet experts working in every department of Sanoma Uitgevers."

Paul Molenaar held several management positions at IDG Communications Nederland from 1991 to 2001, and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 1995. Before that he worked as editor and editor-in-chief at VNU Business Publications.

Sanoma Uitgevers is part of Sanoma Magazines, publishing division of the SanomaWSOY Group.