Notice of SanomaWSOY's AGM

The Shareholders of SanomaWSOY Corporation are invited to attend
the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday April 3, 2006 starting
at 2:00 p.m. (Finnish time) in the Congress Wing of the Helsinki
Fair Centre (Messuaukio 1, Helsinki, Finland). Registration of the
Shareholders who have given a prior notice to attend will start at
1:15 p.m.

The meeting will deal with the following matters:

1. Matters pertaining to the Annual General Meeting pursuant to
Article 18 of the Articles of Association

2. Board's proposal for the combination of the Company's share
series to form a single share series, related share issue, as well
as changes in the Articles of Association

The Board proposes that the Company's two share series be combined
into a single one, the related issue of shares be directed to the
holders of Series A shares, and certain alterations be made to the
Articles of Association. These proposals form an integrated whole
requiring approval of all of its elements.

2.1 Combination of share series

The Board proposes that all of the Company's Series A and B shares
be combined to form a single series of shares. Should said
combination and related directed issue to the holders of Series A
shares be implemented, the Company has only one series of publicly
traded shares entitling their holders to equal rights.

Combining these two share series would be implemented by removing
provisions related to differences between the share series from
the Articles of Association in such a way that each Series A share
be converted into a share whose rights correspond to the current
Series B share.

2.2 Directed issue of shares

The Board proposes that the Company's share capital be increased
by directing the issue of shares to the holders of Series A shares
in order to compensate the decrease in the voting rights conferred
by Series A shares due to the combination of the share series.

Accordingly, a maximum of 2,312,731 new shares corresponding to
the current Series B shares will be issued, the new shares' book
counter-value amounting to EUR 0.43 per share. As a result of this
share issue, the Company's share capital will increase by a
maximum of EUR 994,474.33.

Deviating from the pre-emptive rights of Shareholders under
Chapter 4, Article 2 of the Finnish Companies Act, all new shares
will be offered for subscription to the holders of Series A
shares, who are registered in the Company's Shareholder Register
on the record date of the share issue, April 6, 2006. The
subscription right entitles its holder to subscribe for one (1)
new share for each ten (10) Series A shares he/she holds.

The per-share subscription price of the new shares is EUR 0.43.

The subscription right is freely transferable. The subscription
rights will be applied for public trading on the Main List of
Helsinki Stock Exchange. The estimated trading period is April 11-
May 3, 2006.

In the event that not all of said share subscription rights
granted to the holders of Series A shares be exercised in the
share issue, any new unsubscribed shares will be offered for
subscription to Nordea Bank Finland Plc in a manner specified by
the Board of Directors, provided that Nordea Bank Finland Plc will
sell the shares, which it has subscribed, in public trading on
behalf of the subscription right holders who had not exercised
their rights.

The share subscription period is between April 11 and May 10,
2006. The Company's Board has the right to extend the subscription
period by a maximum of two weeks. Nordea's asset management
branches will serve as venues for subscription. The share
subscription may be cancelled within the subscription period, as
provided in the terms and conditions of the share issue.

The subscription price shall be paid in full upon subscription in
accordance with the instructions provided by each venue or the
account operator and asset manager in question.

New shares will entitle their holders to a dividend and other
Shareholder rights from the date of registration of the share
capital increase into the Trade Register.

The grounds stated by the Board for deviating from the pre-emptive
rights of Shareholders in the directed issue to the holders of
Series A shares in connection with the combination of the two
series of shares include a more transparent ownership structure,
improved liquidity, favourable effects on the Company's financing
opportunities, and, as a result of the decrease in the voting
power conferred by Series A shares, a stronger position of the
current Series B shares in the Company's decision-making.

The dilution effect of the directed issue to the holders of Series
A shares on the holders of Series B shares is around 1.5%. Prior
to the combination of the share series, Series A shares and Series
B shares account for 77.6% and 22.4% of all votes, respectively.
Following the proposed combination of the share series and the
directed issue to the holders of Series A shares the current
Series B shares will account for around 84% of the Company's
shares and votes. The Board holds the view that the aspects stated
above form a cogent financial reason for deviating from the pre-
emptive rights of shareholders.

2.3 Alterations of Articles of Association

The Board proposes that the Articles of Association be altered as

Article 4 of the Articles of Association will be amended to read
as follows:
"The Company's minimum share capital shall be EUR 50,000,000 and
maximum EUR 300,000,000, within which boundaries share capital can
be increased or reduced without amending the Articles of
Association. The minimum number of Company shares is 100,202,620
and the maximum 840,000,000."

Article 5, Article 7, and the last sentence of Article 20 of the
current Articles of Association will be annulled. As a result, the
numbering of the articles of the Articles of Association will also
be altered. With respect to the current Articles of Association,
Article 5 applies to the differences between the two share series'
voting power and the voting restriction at the Shareholders'
meeting, Article 7 applies to the conversion of Series A shares
into Series B shares as required by a Shareholder, and the last
sentence of Article 20 applies to the qualified majority of 3/4
required for the votes on certain decisions at the Shareholders'

3. Board's proposal for an authorisation to the Board of Directors
to decide on an increase of the share capital by a rights issue,
issuance of a convertible capital notes and/or option rights

The Board proposes that it be authorised to decide, within one
year from the AGM, on:
- An increase of share capital by one or more rights issues,
- Issuance of one or more convertible capital notes and/or option
The aggregate number of the new shares may not exceed 31,397,736
shares. The total increase of share capital may not exceed EUR

The authorisation will entitle the Board of Directors to deviate
from the pre-emptive right of Shareholders and to decide on the
prices and other terms of subscription as well as on the terms of
the convertible capital notes and/or the terms of the option
rights. The authorisation expressly excludes the personnel
incentives. The Board will be authorised to decide that the
shares, convertible capital notes and/or option rights may be
subscribed against a consideration in kind, by exercising set-off
or redemption rights, or on other specific terms.

Documents to be available

The documents relating to the Financial Statements and the
proposals of the Board are available to Shareholders at the Legal
Department of the Company, Ludviginkatu 6-8, 3rd floor, Helsinki
(Finland), as of Monday March 27, 2006. The documents will be sent
to Shareholders upon request. The printed Annual Report of the
Company, which includes most of the accounting documents, will be
posted to Shareholders to their addresses indicated in the
Shareholder Register.

Right of attendance and right to vote at the AGM

Shareholders who:
1. On Friday, March 24, 2006, are registered as Shareholders in
the Shareholder Register maintained by Finnish Central Securities
Depository Ltd, and
2. Have given a prior notice to attend by Monday March 27, 2006
before 4:15 p.m.
are entitled to attend the meeting.

Also Shareholders whose shares have not been transferred to the
book-entry system are entitled to attend the AGM. Such
Shareholders shall provide that they were registered in the
Shareholder Registers of Sanoma Corporation, Helsinki Media
Company Oy or Oy Devarda Ab before May 1, 1999, or in the
Shareholder Register of Werner Söderström Corporation before
December 23, 1992, or in the Shareholder Register of Rautakirja Oy
before May 14, 1994. Shareholders shall present their share
certificates or other documentation at the AGM to show that the
title to their shares has not been transferred to a book-entry

Shareholders who have registered to the AGM by 4:15 p.m. on March
27, 2006 are entitled to vote in the meeting.


Shareholders wishing to attend the AGM are kindly requested to
notify their attendance either:
1. By telephone +358 10 519 5021 Mon-Fri from 9:00 a.m. to 4:15
2. By fax +358 10 519 5058;
3. By email:; or
4. Via internet at

At the same time the Shareholders are requested to give the name
of an assistant, authorised representative or statutory
representative, if any. The Company shall receive notices before
the registration deadline for advance notifications. Shareholders
are requested to send any proxies within the same time limit to:
SanomaWSOY Corporation, Legal Department, P.O.Box 1229, FI-00101
Helsinki, Finland. Ms Kirsi Vainio, Paralegal, tel.
+358 10 519 5055, will answer questions concerning the

Nominee-registered Shareholders

Nominee-registered Shareholders may temporarily be entered in the
Shareholder Register of the Company on March 24, 2006 for
participation in the AGM. The account operators and asset managers
will upon request enter the nominee-registered Shareholders in the
Shareholder Register prepared for the AGM.

Members of the Board

Shareholders who represent more than 10% of all shares and votes
of SanomaWSOY have announced to propose for the AGM that the
number of the members of the Board will continue to be set at ten
(10). The shareholders also propose, that Mr Jaakko Rauramo, Ms
Sari Baldauf, and Mr Sakari Tamminen will be re-elected to the
Board for the term ending in the AGM 2009. In addition, they
propose that Jaakko Rauramo will continue as the Chairman of the
Board and Sari Baldauf as the Vice Chairman. All the proposed
persons have given their consent to being re-elected.

Auditors and deputy auditor

The auditors are elected by the AGM for a term laid down in the
Articles of Association. Based on the recommendation of Audit
Committee of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors
proposes Mr Pekka Pajamo, Authorised Public Accountant, and Mr
Sixten Nyman, Authorised Public Accountant, as his deputy and KPMG
Oy Ab with Mr Kai Salli, Authorised Public Accountant, as auditor
in charge as the auditors of the Company.

Payment of dividends

The Board proposes to the AGM a distribution of dividend of EUR
0.90 per share for 2005. Shareholders registered in the
Shareholder Register maintained by Finnish Central Securities
Depository Ltd at the record date for distribution of dividends,
i.e. Thursday, April 6, 2006, are entitled to receive dividends.
The Board proposes that the dividends will be paid on Wednesday,
April 19, 2006.

Dividends to Shareholders, who have not transferred their shares
to the book-entry system by the record date for dividend, will be
paid after the shares have been transferred to the book-entry

Helsinki, March 9, 2006

Board of Directors
SanomaWSOY Corporation

Finnish Central Securities Depository Ltd has exempted SanomaWSOY
Corporation to pay dividend later than the regular date for
payment of dividends. SanomaWSOY will pay the dividend for 2005 on
April 19, 2006.

This document is not an offer of securities for sale in the United
States. Securities may not be offered or sold in the United States
absent registration or an exemption from registration under the
U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended. The issuer of the shares
has not registered, and does not intend to register, any portion
of the offering in the United States and does not intend to
conduct a public offering of shares in the United States.

This document shall not be distributed in the United States or in
any other jurisdiction where its distribution or publication would
be against applicable securities markets regulation. Offer will
not be made directly or indirectly in any jurisdiction where
prohibited by applicable law or where publication of a prospectus,
registration or any other action would be required in addition to
those actions required by Finnish law.

Additional information: SanomaWSOY Group Communications, tel.
+358 105 19 5062 or