Malmberg, part of SanomaWSOY's educational publishing and general publihing division WSOY, has acquired Dutch Aromedia Print B.V., Studiekeuze Beurs B.V., and ADS Data Services. The three acquired companies will continue under the name of Aromedia Educatief (Aromedia Educational). The acquisition expands Malmberg's operations to school, study, and profession choosing services. Aromedia Educatief's net sales in 2005 were some EUR 5.5 million and it employs some 30 people.

Aromedia Educatief supports pupils from 11 until 18 years in making important decisions on study and work. The products of Aromedia Educatief have the highest range under Dutch pupils and students. For example, at the end of their studies, over 84,000 students visit Studie Beurs, an educational faire on choice of study and profession at home and abroad. To guarantee the quality of the information, Aromedia works closely together with the Dutch Assossiation of deans and school career advisors.

Eduactional publishing is one of SanomaWSOY's international businesses in addition to magazines and press distribution.

Malmberg is part of SanomaWSOY Education, the educational business of WSOY division of the SanomaWSOY Group.