Sanoma Magazines Belgium announced earlier this year the goal to widen its range of media activities. The acquisition of was concluded last Friday. The strategy of the Internet Business Unit of the publishing house is to enlarge the internet portfolio, and provide a better service to web communities by launching new sites, as well as acquiring existing sites. was a good opportunity, as it fits perfectly to the target groups actually covered by Sanoma Magazines Belgium.

Zappybaby is known as a strong brand on the internet. In Flanders it is the most used meeting point for young parents with children from "- 9 months" to 3 years old, with about 350,000 unique visitors every month.

At this moment, the main activity is the forum. During the next months, different functions on the site will be re-activated, new applications will be launched, and a French version will be operational. Later the site will be linked to a general platform that Sanoma Magazines Belgium is building.

Sanoma Magazines Belgium is part of Sanoma Magazines, the magazine division of SanomaWSOY.