SMF's new special interest magazine PSY - Arjen Psykologiaa will appear four times this year

The special interest magazine PSY - Arjen Psykologiaa, test marketed in November will appear four times in 2005. The publication months are March, May, August and November. This new magazine concentrates on feelings, actions, human relations and current phenomena from a psychological angle, with a professional and pragmatic approach.

The test issue of the magazine published in November achieved set targets. "We know today that there is true demand also in Finland for a magazine dealing with psychological aspects associated with our everyday lives", says Ms. Tarja Hurme, Editor-in-Chief of PSY. "Attitude surveys tell about people's growing desire to deepen their perceptions about life and focus on the essentials. Many European countries already have successful magazines in this special sector, and new publications concentrating on these topics were launched both in Europe and USA during 2004."

The test issue of Arjen Psykologiaa met expectations and got feedback from numerous readers. "We have clearly found our main target group, women interested in their mental and physical well-being who want to understand their personal emotions, and the functioning of their emotional environment. Most of the contacts have been positive and inspiring", Ms. Hurme continues.

The Editor-in-Chief of ET Magazine, Ms. Tarja Hurme, is also Editor-in-Chief of Arjen Psykologiaa. The publisher is Sanoma Magazines Finland.