SanomaWSOY's Share Conversion

One of SanomaWSOY Corporation's shareholders has requested, according to the Articles of Association, to convert 72,180 SanomaWSOY Corporation Series A shares into Series B shares. The Board of Directors of SanomaWSOY Corporation has today approved the request.

After the conversion, the number of Series A shares is 23,127,312 representing 462,546,240 votes and the number of Series B shares is 130,003,695 representing 130,003,695 votes. The total number of shares remains at 153,131,007. The number of votes totals 592,549,935 after the conversion.

The share conversion will be entered into the Trade Register on 23 June 2005. Trading with the converted shares will begin on the Main list of Helsinki Stock Exchange on 27 June 2005.

SanomaWSOY Series A shares carry 20 votes and Series B shares one vote each. The conversion can be made within the minimum and maximum number of shares of each class permitted by the Articles of Association, if a shareholder so requests. The Series A shares will be converted into Series B shares as soon as the conversion is entered into the Trade Register.

Financial Supervision Authority has on 30 March 2000 granted SanomaWSOY a permission not to publish a Listing Prospectus for the Series A share conversions.