SanomaWSOY's IR section at the Group's internet site was awarded third prize at a competition organised by the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion, the Finnish Association of Financial Analysts, and the business magazine, Talouselämä. The first prize was awarded to Metso's IR site and Kesko's IR site was voted the second-best. The competition was arranged for the seventh time.

The jury underlined the importance backgound information and renumeration of Board of Directors and Management Group. Important aspects in choosing the winners were IFRS information and its influence. The jury also focused on usability, logical structure, and visual appearance.

There were only slight differences between the best IR sites. The jury highlighted that the information according to business has clearly improved. Also presentations from IR and investor meetings are clearly available. The information about shareholders, and insiders' holdings have increased.

According to the jury, SanomaWSOY's IR site is particuöary versatile and it contains information about markets, IFRS influence as well as about competitors and shareholders.

The jury members were: Kia Aejmelaeus (Carnegie Investment Management Bank and Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion), Paavo Ahonen (FIM Securities Ltd), Hannu Angervuo (Fides Asset Management), Olli Kähkönen (Opstock Ltd), Jarmo Leppiniemi (Helsinki School of Economics and Finnish Shareholders' Association), Pekka Peiponen (Helsinki Exchanges), Anu Karttunen ja Laura Korkalainen (Talouselämä), and Sirkka-Liisa Roine and Nina Tallberg (Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion).

Finalist for the competition were Alma Media, Elcoteq, Elisa, Jaakko Pöyry, Kesko, Metso, Orion, Sampo, SanomaWSOY, SHH Communications, Talentum, and YIT.