SanomaWSOY to invalidate the 2001A, 2001B, and 2001C Stock Options in its ownership

The Board of Directors of SanomaWSOY Corporation has decided to invalidate the returned or non-distributed 2001A, 2001 B, and 2001C warrants, a total of 475,100 warrants. These warrants have been given to SanomaWSOY?s fully owned subsidiary Lastannet Oy.

After the invalidation, the number of warrants in Warrant Scheme 2001 totals 2,762,600. With these warrants, SanomaWSOY?s share capital can be increased by a maximum of EUR 1,187,918 and the maximum number of new Series B shares is 2,762,600.

SanomaWSOY?s Warrant Scheme 2001 was introduced at the beginning of 2002. The warrants were distributed in three stages, at the turn of 2001/2002 (2001A warrant), 2002/2003 (2001B warrant), and 2003/2004 (2001C warrant). Each issue comprised of a maximum of 1,500,000 warrants. Each warrant entitles the holder to one SanomaWSOY Series B share.

SanomaWSOY announced the issue and the terms of Warrant Scheme 2001 on 31 January 2002. Previously SanomaWSOY has invalidated Warrant Scheme 2001 warrants on 12 February 2004. SanomaWSOY also has another warrant scheme, Stock Option Scheme 2004 announced on 8 November 2004.