Rautakirja's IT infra to the care of Fujitsu Finland's Patja service

The Rautakirja Group and Fujitsu Services Oy have entered into an agreement, whereby Fujitsu provides Rautakirja with IT infrastructure services in accordance with its Patja operating model. The three-year service contract encompasses the workstations of Rautakirja's administration, LAN maintenance, Internet connections and customer support.

All in all, the contract covers close to 800 workstations, located at Rautakirja's head office at Koivuvaara, 16 regional offices across Finland and Rautakirja's Tallinn office.

The service will be deployed in phases starting early next year with all of the services in full Fujitsu responsibility in spring 2006.

"Fujitsu is specialised in providing workstation services and won a fierce bidding competition, thanks to the routine it has developed by managing over a hundred customers and more than 100,000 workstations. Price was naturally another important criterion, although we placed special emphasis on service scope and speed", says Ville Ahola, IT Director for Rautakirja.

For further information please contact:

IT Director Ville Ahola, Rautakirja, tel.+358 400 447 927
Sales Manager Ari Vehniä, Fujitsu, tel.+358 50 372 5342

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