TV Channel Nelonen's national commercial viewing share increased in all important target groups in 2004. The share of the commercial TV channels for 10- to 44-year-old viewers was at prime time (6 pm-11 pm) 32.4% (29.3%). The increase from 2003 was 3.1 percentage points. The national viewing share in this group grew to 19.6 % (17.3%).

Most growth came in October-December 2004, when Nelonen's commercial viewing share (prime time, 10- to 44-year-old) increased to 35%. - Our growth is based on interesting and versatile program offering. It is guaranteed by foreign quality series, movies and formats like Robinson (Survivors) and Unelmakämppä (Block). Especially the formats have been very popular in Finland, says Hans Edin, Merkiting Director of Nelonen.

Nelonen's commercial viewing share in prime time in 25- to 44-year-old viewers, very interesting to the advertisers, grew to 32.1% (29.1%). Share of women viewers 25- to 44-year-old was 31.2% (27.3%) and that of men 33.2% (31.1%). In this age group, Nelonen's share of urban viewers was 34.7% (32.0%).

Since the digital network in Finland has been widened, Nelonen now reaches potentially 94% of Finns.

Nelonen is part of SWelcom, the electronic communication division of SanomaWSOY.