TV channel Nelonen's online news, appearing on its internet pages and text television, is being produced by the leading Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat as of 4 April 2005. Thanks to the cooperation, Nelonen's online news service will now be faster and have a better coverage. Helsingin Sanomat's editorial offices, working almost around the clock, will provide Nelonen with the latest news from domestic and foreign issues, economy, sports. The entertainment news is being produced by Helsingin Sanomat weekly supplement, Nyt.

- The cooperation strengthens and fastens Nelonen's news operations and enables us to serve our customers better at all times, says Nelonen news' Editor in Chief Marjo Ahonen.

- Nelonen offers us a fresh channel for our news. We will gain more visibility in target groups important to us in the future, explains Helsingin Sanomat's Editor in Chief Reetta Meriläinen.

Nelonen's text television pages have some 600,000 readers daily and its internet pages have some 150,000 unique visitors weekly.

Nelonen is part of SWelcom, SanomaWSOY Group's electronic media division, and Helsingin Sanomat is part of the newspaper publishing and printing division Sanoma.