Jaakko Rauramo, executive Chairman of the Board of SanomaWSOY since 2001, will become a non-executive Chairman of the Board during 2006.

The operational management duties of Chairman of the Board of SanomaWSOY, Jaakko Rauramo, focused on the most important growth and internationalisation projects of the SanomaWSOY Group, will be transferred to Hannu Syrjänen, President & COO of SanomaWSOY, who will become the CEO of SanomaWSOY as of the beginning of 2006.

The main shareholders of SanomaWSOY have announced that they will propose Jaakko Rauramo's re-election as a member of the Board for the next three years at the Annual General Meeting in spring 2006. The main shareholders will also propose to the AGM that Rauramo will continue as the Chairman of the Board and will gradually become a non-executive Chairman of the Board during 2006.

Further information:
Chairman & CEO Jaakko Rauramo, tel. +358 105 19 5500
President & COO Hannu Syrjänen, tel. +358 105 19 5020


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