SanomaWSOY's largest owners, Aatos Erkko and Patricia Seppälä's estate (Robin Langenskiöld and Rafaela Seppälä) have today reduced their holding in the company.

The holding of Aatos Erkko and bodies he controls has gone below one fourth (1/4) and his direct ownership has gone below one fifth (1/5) of SanomaWSOY's share capital. Aatos Erkko and bodies he control now own a total of 24.06% of SanomaWSOY's shares and 26.94% of votes.

As required by the Securities Markets Act, Chapter 2, Section 9, we report the following information to the Financial Supervision:

Complete name of the company: SanomaWSOY Corporation, Business identity code 1524361-1

Date of change in ownership: 1 March 2005

Holding in SanomaWSOY's votes and shares:

Aatos Erkko's present shareholding (direct and in-direct):

Series A shares

No. of shares: 6,480,816

Percentage of share capital: 4.23%

Percentage of votes: 21.82%

Series B shares

No. of shares: 30,354,720

Percentage of share capital: 19.83%

Percentage of votes: 5.11%


No. of shares: 36,835,536

Percentage of share capital: 24.06%

Percentage of votes: 26.94%

Aatos Erkko's present shareholding (direct):

Series A shares

No. of shares: 5,125,832

Percentage of share capital: 3.35%

Percentage of votes: 17.26%

Series B shares

No. of shares: 20,041,666

Percentage of share capital: 13.09%

Percentage of votes: 3.37%


No. of shares: 25,167,492

Percentage of share capital: 16.44%

Percentage of votes: 20.64%

SanomaWSOY Corporation's share capital consists of 153,112,152 shares (23,199,492 Series A shares and 129,912,660 Series B shares). The shares carry in total 593,902,500 votes (each Series A share carries 20 votes/share and each Series B share one vote/share).

Complete name and personal number of the shareholder:

Aatos Juho Michel Erkko, 160932-085K

Patricia Seppälä's estate's holding has decreased to 5.68% of shares and 8.88% of votes. This decrease does not necessitate a flagging announcement.

The personal share ownership of Robin Langenskiöld remains at 5.03% of shares and 4.88% of votes. The personal share ownership of Rafaela Seppälä remains at 5.03% of shares and 4.88% of votes.


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