The winners in Nelonen's and UNICEF's competition for advertising planners have been chosen. From the short-list of 9 works 2 scripts were chosen and they will be produced as tv-spots. The winners are Niklas Lilja (180 Amsterdam) and Risto Sihvo (SEK & GREY Oy) with script called Kokkeli and Matti Jokipii and Tuija Vesanto (Creator-GREY) with Uni.

The competition started in April is a part of Nelonen's and UNICEF's MAGIC (Media Activities and Good Ideas by, with and for Children) project. The project aims to help children and their parents to understand what is true and what is fiction in television. The competitors' task was to produce a tv-spot with a message "Help children to understand what is true and what is fiction in television".

Altogether 216 scripts were sent for competition. The jury of the competition consisted of the most awarded Finnish designers Timo Everi, Jon Granström, Unto Paltemaa, and Markku Rönkkö.

- The winning scripts fill all the criteria set for a good film about a societal issue and the problem has been understood correctly. The scripts do not blame but they have a good idea that demonstrates the problem, says the chairman of the jury Unto Paltemaa. - With good implementation these films will make people think about the issue from the right point of view and maybe then also change their way of behaviour. The winning spots will be seen in Nelonen in autumn.