Ilse Media Group, Gouden Gids and Overture announced 25 May cooperation in commercial search services in the Dutch market. As a result, the Dutch advertisers will have the full advantage of the search engine marketing possibilities offered on the Ilse, Gouden Gids and Overture network. The cooperation between Gouden Gids and Ilse Media will be formalised in a Joint Venture named V4M B.V.

Search engine marketing offers advertisers the possibility of showing their sponsored message at the precise moment the user is most interested in that particular service or information. The parties will also develop new technological and commercial services in order to provide even more effective advertising possibilities to customers on the Ilse, Gouden Gids and Overture network.

Overture will provide Ilse Media with sponsored search results to all sites of the Ilse Media group, currently the largest network of Dutch sites in the Netherlands. In addition Overture will show its results on the Gouden Gids internet site.

Ilse Media Group is the leading online publisher in the Netherlands and part of SanomaWSOY's magazine division, Sanoma Magazines B.V.