SanomaWSOY's share conversion

SanomaWSOY Corporation's shareholder has requested, according to the Articles of Association, that his 10,000 SanomaWSOY Corporation Series A shares are converted to Series B shares. The Board of Directors of SanomaWSOY Corporation has approved the request to convert 10,000 Series A shares into Series B shares.

After the conversion, the number of Series A shares is 23,199,492 representing 463,989,840 votes and the number of Series B shares is 129,912,660 representing 129,912,660 votes. The total number of shares remains at 153,112,152. The number of votes totals 593,902,500 after the conversion.

SanomaWSOY Series A shares carry 20 votes and Series B shares one vote each. The conversion can be made within the minimum and maximum number of shares of each class permitted by the Articles of Association if a shareholder so requests. The Series A shares will be converted into Series B shares as soon as the conversion is entered in the Trade Register. This will be communicated separately.

Financial Supervision Authority has on 30 March 2000 granted SanomaWSOY a permission not to publish a Listing Prospectus for the Series A share conversions.