SanomaWSOY Corporation has annulled 3,620 debentures, nominal value EUR 10,000 each, of its convertible capital notes issued in 2001. The company redeemed these notes upon an offer on November and December 2003. The company's financial position has improved considerably after the issue of the notes and the notes can be refinanced on significantly better terms.

Trading in the notes began on the Helsinki Exchanges on 6 September 2001. None of the notes, the conversion period of which began on 2 January 2002, has been converted into shares. The conversion price of a share is EUR 15.91. A fixed annual interest of 5.25% is payable on the notes. Currently, the loan totals EUR 163.8 million.


Raija Kariola
Vice President
Investor Relations and Group Communications

Helsinki Exchanges
Principal media