Trading in the SanomaWSOY Corporation 2001A warrants will begin on the Helsinki Exchanges on 1 November 2004.

The total number of 2001A warrants is 625,600. One (1) SanomaWSOY Corporation Series B share can be subscribed for with each warrant. The present share subscription price is EUR 10.83/share. The annual dividend will be deducted from the share subscription price. The share subscription period for 2001A warrants will begin on 1 November 2004 and end on 30 November 2007.

SanomaWSOY announced the issue and the terms of Warrant Scheme 2001 on 31 January 2002.

Identifiers of SanomaWSOY Corporation's 2001A warrant are:

Trading code: SWSBVEW101

ISIN code: FI0009613814

Lot size: 50


Raija Kariola
Vice President
Investor Relations and Group Communications

Helsinki Exchanges
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