TV Channel Nelonen's viewing grew to record numbers also in October: Nelonen's national commercial viewing share increased in all age groups. The share of the commercial TV channels for 10- to 44-year-old viewers was at prime time (6 pm-11 pm) in October 35.2% (October 2003: 31.2%). Share of women viewers 25- to 44-year-old grew most, to 35% (October 2003: 28%). Also their time spent watching TV increased most, by seven minutes per day.

- We have succeeded reaching this target group by making the right program choices. A good example is the international format the Block (Unelmakämppä) which reached 20% of women aged 25 to 44-years old and on average 587,000 viewers over 10 years old, says Pirjo Airaksinen, Channel Manager of Nelonen.

Nelonen's share of all TV viewers in Finland grew in October to 14.1% (October 2003: 12.6%) and national commercial viewing share increased to 26.3% (October 2003: 22.7%).

Even though the daily time spent with TV decreased in general by five minutes in Finland, the time spent watching Nelonen increased in October by two minutes.

- The growth shows that Nelonen has taken a step forward and TV viewers enjoy our programmes more than before, says Juha-Pekka Louhelainen, President of Nelonen.
Nelonen is a part of SWelcom, the electronic communication division of SanomaWSOY.