Juhani Pekkala, M.A. (49), Editor-in-Chief of Taloussanomat, has been appointed President of Startel Oy (the name will change to Taloussanomat Oy) as from 13 September 2004. Pekkala will continue also as Editor-in-Chief of Taloussanomat.

Pekkala will also join Sanoma Corporation's Management Group.

Pekkala has previously worked as editor in Taloussanomat, head of Helsingin Sanomat's business and economics news department, Senior Editor-in-Chief of TV channels MTV3´s and Nelonen's News. He has also been member of the Management Groups of MTV3 and Nelonen.

"Juhani Pekkala ranks among the most highly regarded economic journalists in Finland with experience also in managerial responsibilities. He has excellent possibilities to continue the development of Taloussanomat and assume the overall responsibility for the company. At the same time we will be able to build a lighter management system for Startel Oy ", Sanoma Corporation's President Mikael Pentikäinen says.

"Taloussanomat has established its role in Finnish economic journalism. Our ambition is to continue strengthening Taloussanomat's position and to make it the leading Finnish economic newspaper. We will also invest in selected niche development areas. Incorporation of ITviikko and digitoday.fi in the Taloussanomat media family has been a successful solution. We will progress also on that path", Taloussanomat's President and Editor-in-Chief Juhani Pekkala mentions.

Startel Oy comprises business daily Taloussanomat and IT weekly ITviikko with their online services, digitoday.fi online service and news agency Startel. Startel Oy is a subsidiary of Sanoma WSOY Group´s division Sanoma Corporation .