ITviikko and to be transferred to Taloussanomat

Taloussanomat grows to be Finland?s leading IT media

The publishing rights to ITviikko will transfer from Sanoma Magazines Finland to Taloussanomat at the beginning of April. Taloussanomat has also acquired the operating assets of Finland?s largest online IT newsservice With the acquisition of these new operations, Taloussanomat will become Finland?s leading media in the IT and digital economy sectors.

ITviikko will from now on continue to appear once a week as an independent magazine together with Taloussanomat. Subscribers of ITviikko will also get the Thursday issue of Taloussanomat. The special IT theme of Taloussanomat and the web service of will be integrated with ITviikko.

ITviikko is Finland?s largest special magazine for IT professionals. During its four years of existence its total circulation has grown to 45,000., established in 2000, is an online media for the ICT and digital economy sectors, with a monthly readership exceeding 100,000. The editorial staff of the two publications will transfer to Taloussanomat?s editorial offices in Sanoma House.

ITviikko will continue as the membership magazine of the Finnish Information Processing Association TTL. TTL is a nationwide independent cooperation body of organizations in the IT sector. Its members include 25,000 professionals and 700 IT producing companies or other organizations.

The agreement for publishing of ITviikko will be implemented as an internal transfer of operating assets. ?The transfer of the publishing agreement will strengthen the competitive ability of both ITviikko and Taloussanomat in the Finnish IT market?, says Ms. Eija Soratie, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sanoma Magazines Finland.
?The ICT world has close ties to the economic sector in general. By integrating fast-paced internet news and new web services with the leading magazines of the branch, we will be able to generate true added value both to subscribers, web users and advertisers?, stresses Mr. Kari Kivelä, Managing Director of Startel Oy , the publisher of Taloussanomat.

?Taloussanomat is the number one media for the emerging generation of decision-makers even in the ICT sector, and provides a natural platform for Digitoday?s growth. Cooperation between a quickly reacting online media and a printed paper that digs deeper into the backgrounds will open entirely new vistas for news coverage of the IT sector?, mentions Mr. Jukka Viitasaari, Editor-in-Chief of Digitoday, as an argument in favour of the transaction.

?Taloussanomat has steadily consolidated its role as the media of economic decision-makers and experts. The present arrangements will further strengthen the position of Taloussanomat. We will tell more about the practical changes during this spring?, says Mr. Juhani Pekkala, Senior Editor-in-Chief of Taloussanomat. Mr. Pekkala is also the Senior Editor-in-Chief of Taloussanomat?s IT media.

Taloussanomat?s publisher Startel Oy and Sanoma Magazines Finland Oy are part of SanomaWSOY Group.

Additional information:
Startel / Taloussanomat, Mr. Kari Kivelä, Managing Director, tel. +358 9 122 4200
Sanoma Magazines Finland, Ms. Eija Soratie, Vice President, tel. +358 9 120 5330
Digitoday, Mr. Jukka Viitasaari, Editor-in-Chief, tel. +358 40 823 5507