FEMEIA DE AZI: A new bi- weekly women's magazine of Sanoma Hearst Romania

On October 11, 2004 Sanoma Hearst Romania launched a bi-weekly women's magazine: FEMEIA DE AZI (Woman Today). The main focus point of this magazine is the support it offers to women today, now that all aspects of Romanian society are in transition.

It brings useful information and value for money but also entertainment. The content of the magazine is tailored to the interests and needs of Romanian women in the 21st century. It wants to be as close as possible to her, as a real friend.

FEMEIA DE AZI is the first magazine in Romania that combines the mass market aspects of printed media (number of copies, frequency) with the feel and look of a real magazine. FEMEIA DE AZI is a 100% locally produced magazine. FEMEIA DE AZI gives practical advice for all aspect of life (money, home & deco, food, real estate, beauty, fashion, accessories, shopping, etcetera).

The target readers are women between 20-45 years old, traditional, family oriented, in the midst of the transition of Romania society. Their daily life is split up in household tasks, childcare, leisure (reading magazines and books, watching TV, taking a walk) and shopping.

FEMEIA DE AZI will have a print run of 90.000, 64+4 pages, and will be distributed nation-wide. The launch will be supported by an extensive marketing campaign on TV, radio, print and outdoor.