Esmerk Oy starts refining collected media information

Esmerk Oy will diversify its operations by increasing the analytic content of information. The first visible indication of this is the monthly consumer report that will be launched within short.

Consumers? behavior has great significance both to individual market operators and the society as a whole ? for example more than half of GDP is generated thanks to consumers. The new consumer report will integrate consumer behavior information and other consumer information. The focus will be on Finland and on questions of interest to Finnish people complemented by interesting international research results, trends and phenomena.

The consumer report will be based on news abstracts produced by Esmerk enhanced by forecasts, comparisons, statistics and research results. The information will be collected from nearly 2,000 sources. The service producer is Esmerk Business Information.

Esmerk has traditionally operated as collector and distributor of media information. The needs and expectations of the service users have changed, however, over time, and demand for more analytic information is increasing. Similar reports will be supplied in the future also about other topics.

Esmerk Oy is part of SanomaWSOY Group

Additional information:
Mr. Ilkka Räsänen, Regional Managing Director
Tel. +358 9 122 4300