Sanoma Magazines Finland broadens the Finnish market for magazines. Arjen psykologiaa (Everyday Psychology) will be tested this autumn. The magazine writes about feelings, actions, human relations and other current topics from a psychological angle - realistically, refreshingly and professionally.

The principal target group of the new magazine are women interested in their mental and physical well-being and who want to understand better their personal emotional functions as well as those of others in their human relations both in their working and private lives, roles and networks. Attitude surveys tell about people´s growing need to deepen their views of life and focus on the essentials. Even more than half of all Finnish women - and one third of men - are interested in learning more about their mental well-being.*)

"Readers' wishes have received response in many countries of Europe in the form of successful magazines that deal with everyday psychology. Now it is Finland´s turn. We are confident that there is a real need for this magazine", says Ms. Anne Koski, Senior Vice President of the Women´s and Family Magazines unit.

The new Arjen psykologiaa magazine test appears in November 2004.

Sanoma Magazines Finland is part of SanomaWSOY's magazine publishing division Sanoma Magazines B.V.

*) RISC Monitor, KMT, Hyvinvointi ja Terveys 2004