Kesko’s IR section at the Group’s Internet site was awarded first prize at a competition organised by the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion, the Finnish Association of Financial Analysts, and the business magazine, Talouselämä. Rautaruukki’s IR site was voted the second-best, and SanomaWSOY’s took the third place.

The competition was arranged for the fifth time. The aim of the competition is to promote best practises and upgrade the information offered on the IR sites. The IR sites were evaluated on the Finnish investor’s point of view and that is why the IR sites only in English were not included. The jury members are professionals. Two analysts made a preliminary election.

The jury highlighted the clear improvement that has taken place during the year in the content of IR pages. There were only slight differences between the best IR sites, e.g. the biggest difference between winner Kesko and bronze medallist SanomaWSOY was that Kesko has a longer history in insider holdings than SanomaWSOY, which has just a change from previous month.

The jury underlined the importance of up-to-date pages, the breadth of financial information and comprehensive presentation of company financial outlook, goals, dividend policy, and strategy. The jury also emphasized e.g. presentations of the board, the management, shareholders, and insiders’ holdings.

Finalist for the competition were Alma Media, Fortum, Kesko, Lassila & Tikanoja, Novo Group, Orion, Perlos, Pohjola, Rautaruukki, Sampo, SanomaWSOY, Talentum, and Tamro.