Sanoma Magazines Finland's new family magazine, Meidän Perhe (Our Family), supports parents in their efforts to educate their children and gives inspiring ideas for their everyday lives. This unique life cycle magazine in Finland treats its subjects with modern, bright and tolerant manner. Also, the concept of a family is widened. "A family means, in addition to close family, new spouses, godparents, professional educators and friends of the family - in other words, all the people important in a child's life." explains Ms. Kristiina Dragon, Editor-in-Chief of Meidän Perhe.

More than 500,000 families with children between 2 and 12 years live in Finland. "These families are an important group of consumers. The magazine aims at giving information and points of view to a reasonable consuming. The magazine covers all areas of interest of a family with children" says Ms. Eve Vaismaa, Head of Sanoma Magazines Finland's Hobby and Special Interest Magazines unit.

Sanoma Magazines Finland estimates that the magazine will reach a circulation of 50,000 copies within two years. The first issue of the magazine will be published on 23 March 2004. The magazine will be published monthly and can be subscribed or purchased from magazine vendors.

Sanoma Magazines Finland is a part of Sanoma Magazines B.V, the magazine division of SanomaWSOY.