As of 1 July, 2003, the co-operation between Sanoma Budapest and Heinrich Bauer Verlag in Euromedia Bt for the publication of the magazines Bravo, Bravo Girl!, Buci Maci, Tina and Tina Extra under a licence from Heinrich Bauer verlag, will discontinue.

Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Rt. belongs to SanomaWSOY's magazine publishing division Sanoma Magazines B.V. Sanoma Magazines is SanomaWSOY's largest division publishing some 220 magazines in nine European countries and is a market leader in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary and the Netherlands. In 2002 the division's net sales amounted to about EUR 1 billion. SanomaWSOY is Finland's leading media company with net sales of approximately € 2,3 billion (2002). It employs about 18,000 people.