As of February 1, 2003 Mr. Dirk Van den Bossche (40) has been appointed as CEO of Sanoma Magazines Belgium N.V. and as Senior Vice President of Sanoma Magazines B.V. Dirk Van den Bossche will succeed in both functions Jan Vandenwyngaerden.

Furthermore it is the intention to extend the Board of Sanoma Magazines Belgium by a Director with responsibilities for business development and realization of the growth ambitions of the company in the dynamic Flemish and French speaking media market in Belgium.

Dirk Van den Bossche started his career with Sanoma Magazines Belgium in 1996. Currently he serves the function of Publisher of TeVe-Blad and Menzo. As of February, Dirk van den Bossche will also take over the function of Publisher HUMO from Jan Vandenwyngaerden.

Sanoma Magazines Belgium, publisher of 18 magazines in Belgium, is part of Sanoma Magazines B.V., the group of companies comprising the magazine publication activities of SanomaWSOY. Sanoma Magazines is the fifth-largest magazine publisher in Europe and publishes about 220 magazines in following countries: Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, The Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden. In five of these countries Sanoma Magazines is the market leader: Belgium, The Netherlands, Finland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Sanoma Magazines Belgium is a part of SanomaWSOY’s magazine publishing division, Sanoma Magazines.