Consumer’s positive expectations for the future are reflected in the growing volume of active searches through online services. Consumers use Internet to seek price information, purchase homes or new or second-hand cars, and find new jobs.

Consumers are eager users of online services when they want to buy a car, find out about price levels, or follow the scope of offering. Nearly half of home buyers already find on Internet what they are looking for, and up to 68% of readers of newspapers search for additional information about available dwellings through Internet. (Source: Helsingin Sanomat / TNS Gallup Oy). About 42% of consumers who search for housing information and 47% of those who are looking for second-hand cars also intend to buy within the next six months. People also contemplate changing jobs more often than a year ago. Even 65% of consumers who search for jobs in intend to find a new job within the next six months. is the most popular one of the online services advertising cars and jobs. has grown dramatically during the past year. Today it is visited more than 830,000 times a month, which means a growth of 91% from the previous corresponding period. The number of different users exceeds 352,000/month; in other words, nearly 15% of all Finnish users of Internet also use is the common online service for classified advertisements of seven Finnish newspapers: Helsingin Sanomat, Turun Sanomat, Etelä-Suomen Sanomat, Hämeen Sanomat, Etelä-Saimaa, Kouvolan Sanomat and Kymen Sanomat.