Decrease of SanomaWSOY Corporation's share capital by invalidating Company's own shares has been entered into the Finnish Trade Register on 30 April 2003. SanomaWSOY's Annual General Meeting held on 1 April 2003 decided on the invalidation of SanomaWSOY Series B shares owned by Sanoma Corporation and Werner Söderström Corporation and on the corresponding decrease of the share capital in order to dismantle the intra-Group cross ownership.

Rautakirja Oyj merged into SanomaWSOY on 1 March 2003, and Sanoma Corporation and Werner Söderström Corporation received as merger consideration a total number of 7,877,119 SanomaWSOY Series B shares and 10,895,899 SanomaWSOY Series B shares, respectively. By invalidating the above-mentioned, in total 18,773,018 Series B shares, without consideration, the share capital of SanomaWSOY was decreased by EUR 8,072,397.74. The amount of EUR 8,072,397.74 equalling the aggregate book counter-value of the invalidated shares will be transferred to the premium fund, and the decrease will thus have no impact on the restricted equity of the Company.

The share capital of SanomaWSOY has decreased from EUR 77,001,151.78 to EUR 68,928,754.04, and the number of Series B shares has reduced from 155,851,954 to 137,078,936 shares. The number of Series A shares remains at 23,220,492. After the invalidation, SanomaWSOY owns 7,187,276 Series B shares through its subsidiary Tiikerijakelu Oy, equivalent to 4.48% of shares and 1.19% of voting rights.


Raija Kariola
Vice President
Investor Relations and Group Communications

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