Childrend’s favorite character in Finland Pupu Tupuna has its 30 years anniversary. For a jubilee year a new Pupu Tupuna book Tutti hukassa will be published in September. The book’s author is Pirkko Koskimies and illustrator Nina Rintala and it is funny and to the point description of a day of a family with children.

During last 30 years, over 20 Pupu Tupuna books have been published. The first books were initially made for children with impaired hearing, but a directness and sweetness of the books appealed to all children. Pirkko Koskimies, the creator, illustrator and author of Pupu Tupuna characters, believes that the success of the books is based on their life tasting atmosphere. Happenings in Pupula could happen to any Finnish child. First they are at home and just after that they start to familiarize the environment, she clarifies.

The publisher of Tutti hukassa is Sanoma Magazines Finland.

Sanoma Magazines Finland is part of a international magazine publisher Sanoma Magazines Division, a division of SanomaWSOY Group .