On Friday the 29th of March a new bi-weekly magazine called "Story" will be launched on the Romanian market. Story is a star magazine focusing on friendly gossip. Story is a concept of Sanoma Magazines and is presently published in Holland, Belgium, The Czech Republic and Hungary.
The launch of Story will be promoted with an integrated campaign involving television, radio, print and outdoor advertising.

Sanoma Hearst Romania s.r.l. is a joint venture of Sanoma Magazines International B.V. and Hearst’s HMI International Holdings Inc. Other magazines of Sanoma Hearst Romania are: Cosmopolitan, FHM, Beau Monde and Mami.

Sanoma Magazines International is part of Sanoma Magazines B.V., the group of companies comprising the magazine publication activities of SanomaWSOY. Sanoma Magazines is the fifth-largest magazine publisher in Europe and publishes over 240 magazines in 9 countries: Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, The Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden. In five of these countries Sanoma Magazines is the market leader: Belgium, The Netherlands, Finland, Hungary and The Czech Republic.

SanomaWSOY’s pro forma net sales totalled Є 1,73 billion (2001), and employs about 18,000 people. In addition to Sanoma Magazines, which is the Group's largest sector, SanomaWSOY includes four other divisions: Finland's leading newspaper publisher, Sanoma; the TV and new media group, SWelcom, Finland's leading publisher, WSOY; and Rautakirja, which operates in the retail, distribution, and entertainment fields in Finland and the Baltic countries.