Rautakirja has purchased Jemma chain of kiosks, situated in Greater Helsinki, from Hallman Oy. Operations of ten Jemma kiosks will be part of Rautakirja's Kiosk Division from the end of September, and the kiosks will be changed to R-kiosks by the end of the year. The deal will significantly strengthen Rautakirja's position in kiosk business of Greater Helsinki.

The aggregate sales of the Jemma kiosks in 2002 will be approximately EUR 7.0 million and net sales EUR 4.0 milloin. Jemma kiosks have a workforce of 60 persons who will transfer to the service of Rautakirja retaining their existing employment benefits.

Rautakirja has kiosk operations in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. There is a total of 711 R-kiosks in Finland. In addition to this, the company owns Veikkausrasti retail chain, which comprises 59 shop and kiosk units. In Estonia there is 201 R-kiosks and in Latvia 412 Preses Apvieniba kiosks and 40 Narvesen kiosks.