Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Rt. has launched its new women’s lifestyle magazine: Wellness. It brings a new dimension in the health and family magazine segment in the Hungarian market. The new magazine targets the more highly educated and wealthy women aged 25 - 45, supporting them to feel better and to find mental and physical harmony.

Following the international trend of women’s interest turning towards topics such as fitness, healthcare and wellness, various magazine companies of Sanoma launched magazines of similar profile – Evita, Top Sante, Puls - throughout Europe.

The unique concept of Wellness has been created by the Hungarian editorial team, headed by Ms. Csilla Beke, editor-in-chief. The content of the magazine relies on seven pillars: mental health, beauty and fashion, training, nutrition, health, human interest, and relationships and sex. The magazine has its own expert team providing advices to the readers and ensuring the credibility of the title.

The magazine also takes the opportunity to introduce and define the concept behind the word "wellness", being unclear so far in Hungary. Wellness excellently fits into the present portfolio of Sanoma Budapest considering both the readers and advertising markets.

With its over 30 titles Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Rt. is a leading media company in Hungary. The publishing house has a 36% share in the Hungarian magazine market. It employs over 400 people. Operating 9 Internet products Sanoma Budapest plays a significant role in the Hungarian Internet market as well. Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Rt., is part of Sanoma Magazines, the magazine publishing group that was created after the Finish SanomaWSOY Corp. acquired VNU’s consumer magazines companies in October, 2001. Following the registration by the company court the name of VNU Budapest Lapkiadó Rt. will be officially changed into Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Rt. SanomaWSOY was founded almost 100 years ago. With net sales of Є 1,73 billion (2001), about 18,000 employees and its portfolio of 300 titles it is Europe’s fifth-largest media group. In addition to Sanoma Magazines, which is the Group’s largest sector, SanomaWSOY includes newspaper, new media, retail, distribution and entertainment companies.