Genimap TransGT is directed for planning of transport and goods traffic in order to generate cost savings in transport costs. The system facilitates the optimal planning of transport and delivery, and gives simultaneously information about the transport costs. The planning system can cover vehicles from only a few to over a hundred.

With Genimap TransGT -system the vehicles on the road can be followed in real time either through mobile location system offered by GSM operator or global positioning system (GPS). The transport organiser or supervisor has the possibility to see the position of his whole hauling equipment simultaneously. New transportation orders can be delivered to the vehicles during the hauling. "Even the customers of a hauling company can follow the advancement of the delivery through Internet, for example, and GPS based transport can be given a new route during driving", says director Jaana Mäkelä from Genimap.

Genimap TransGT is a central part of a company's operational activities, because it can be connected to the company's operational control system.

Genimap Corporation is Finland's leading GIS (Geographical Information System) company which offers advanced GIS solutions to both corporates and consumers. The business of Genimap consists of tailored Project Solutions, commercialised Mobile Solutions, Map Publishing and Services related to map production.
The strength of Genimap is its own digital map database which can be flexibly utilised in different customer-specific solutions. Genimap is a part of SanomaWSOY Group which is the biggest media conglomerate in the Nordic Countries.