SanomaWSOY's publishing and learning products sector, WSOY, has signed a letter of intent with telecom provider Elisa Communications covering the development of a technical platform for WSOY's Opit learning environment based on Elisa Communications' existing Efodi product. The intention is to sign the final agreement by the end of this month.

Two WSOY units, eWSOY and the Educational Material Unit, will be responsible for producing content for Opit and for marketing the product, which is due to be launched nationally in Finland this autumn. Elisa subsidiary Datatie Oy will be responsible for providing technical backup for the service.

Opit is an Internet-based, open learning environment primarily targeted during the first stage of its development on students attending colleges and vocational institutions. As Opit develops, the intention is to offer further learning material and content provider services and products, and to extent the product's reach to the Nordic and Continental European markets.