The recently launched Welho broadband service provided by Helsinki Television, part of SanomaWSOY's electronic media sector, SWelcom, is the first in Finland to break the 10,000-user barrier. Combining a fast Internet connection with a content package specially tailored to take advantage of broadband's high speed, Welho is now Finland's leading broadband service.

Welho's 10,000th customer, Heidi-Maria Pursiainen, the editor-in-chief of Internet site, is very satisfied with the speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of the Welho offering. "I need to be contactable around the clock, and the fact that the Welho connection is 'on' all the time makes it a winner for me."

The content of the Welho portal is provided by a mixture of SanomaWSOY and outside providers, such as CNN, the Cartoon Network, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Wizbang Productions, and Sandstone. The current content mix includes on-demand new clips, animated weather forecasts, streaming TV and radio content, and interactive games.

Currently available in Greater Helsinki, the plan is to make Welho available to customers elsewhere in Finland and to users accessing it via digital-TV and ADSL.