A full Internet of SanomaWSOY Annual Report for 2000 is now available in Finnish and English at the Group's Web site (www.sanomawsoy.fi). The Internet edition contains the entire contents of the print edition in an easy-to-use interface designed to make it simple for different users - whether analysts and investors, shareholders, or general users - to access those sections of the Report that interest them most.

The Internet edition has been implemented as a separate, stand-alone section of SanomaWSOY's Internet site and can be accessed directly from the site's start-up page. The contents of the Report can be viewed in the following formats: html, Flash, Excel, and pdf. Printer-friendly pdf files are available for all parts of the Report.

The html pages are ideal for users with a normal modem connection who want to see the contents of the Report directly on their screen without having to download separate files or open a separate program. On-screen links are provided at various points for users who would to access related sites, such as those of SanomaWSOY's sectors and their subsidiaries.

The Web edition also provides a comprehensive address list supplementing the basic contact information contained in the print edition. Information updated monthly related to issues such as SanomaWSOY's largest owners and insiders can be found elsewhere in the Investors section of the site.

For those who would like to benefit from the advantages of the Flash edition, which include animated sequences, users' browsers need to have a Flash plugin, which can be downloaded for free from www.macromedia.com.

The Financial Statements section of the Report can be viewed directly as html pages, as Excel spreadsheets, and viewed or downloaded as pdf files. The Excel spreadsheets have been designed with the particular interests of investors and analysts in mind.

In addition to English and Finnish, the Swedish-language edition of the Annual Report will also be available in pdf format via the Web edition in Week 14.