Proposed dividend: Euro 0.47 per share. Net sales up 9.6% to EUR 1.4 billion (1.3 billion), and profit before extraordinary items up 25.2% to EUR 138.3 million (110.4 million). Operating profit: EUR 85.3 million (71.7 million), up 19%. ROI: 13.8% (12.5%), ROE: 10.6% (9.2%), EPS: EUR 0.67 (0.53), and equity ratio 67.9% (71.0%). Net sales during 2001 are projected to be over EUR 1.5 billion, and the Group's operating profit to be at least equivalent to that recorded in 2000.

SanomaWSOY's financial statements have been drawn up in Finnmarks and converted into Euros. Figures in Finnmarks are given in the Finnish stock exchange announcement and those in Euros in the English text.

SanomaWSOY's interim reports in 2001 will be published in Euros, and will appear on May 14, August 13, and November 12.