Helsingin Sanomat's online service, Oikotie, now offers a more comprehensive range of navigation services following a recent major upgrade by provider Genimap Oy, part of SanomaWSOY's publishing sector, WSOY. As well as enhanced content, a number of improvements have been made to the user interface to give better usability and shorten download times.

Oikotie is the first map service to offer accurate itinerary planning from any address in Finland to any other, drawing on a database of 30,000 locations. As well as home and business addresses, users can specify locations such as airports, hospitals, schools, and colleges across the country, and call up a map featuring them on screen.

In Greater Helsinki, the service also shows public transport routes, enabling users looking for a new home or thinking about changing jobs to check out where and when buses, trains, and trams run in the location concerned.