The Chairman of SanomaWSOY's Board of Directors, Aatos Erkko, has requested the Company's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders currently under way in Helsinki that he be granted leave to stand down as Chairman as of today. He will continue as a member of the Board. The AGM agreed to Aatos Erkko's request and thanked him for his service to SanomaWSOY and Sanoma over the past 48 years.

The AGM elected SanomaWSOY's President & CEO, Jaakko Rauramo, as Chairman and CEO.

Following the conclusion of the AGM, which is still in session, the Board will be presented with a proposal at its meeting to be held immediately after that Hannu Syrjänen, President & CEO of Rautakirja Oyj, should be appointed President & COO of SanomaWSOY.