The split of SanomaWSOY Corporation shares and the increase in share capital through a bonus issue announced in April were registered with the Trade Register on May 9, 2000. The new shares, which lack a nominal value, can be traded on the HEX Helsinki Exchanges from today, May 10, 2000 onwards.

SanomaWSOY Corporation's Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on April 18, 2000 decided to increase the number of the Company's shares by splitting each then current Company share into four. The number of shares increased as a result from 36,380,399 to 145,521,596, while the nominal value of each share was reduced from FIM 10 to FIM 2.50.

Following the four for one split, SanomaWSOY's shares number as follows:

SWSAV 23,220,492 SWSBV 122,301,104

Both series of shares are traded in blocks of 10.

The AGM also decided to re-denominate the Company's shares in Euro, end the use of nominal values for shares, and increase the Company's share capital through a EUR 1,386,847.56 bonus issue to EUR 62,574,286.28 by transferring a sum equivalent to the latter increase from the premium fund to the Company's share capital. No new shares have been issued. Following the re-denomination of the Company's share capital, the ending of the use of nominal values for shares, and the bonus issue, the book counter-value of the Company's shares is EUR 0.43.

The share split, the decision to end the use of nominal share values, and the bonus issue were registered with the Trade Register on May 9, 2000. The Company's new shares will be available for trading under the HETI trading system operated by the HEX Helsinki Exchanges as of May 10, 2000.


Raija Kariola Vice President Investor Relations and Group Communications

DISTRIBUTION Helsinki Exchanges Principal media