SanomaWSOY share conversion transaction, as communicated on 17 March 2000, has been entered in the Trade Register. In conversion 196,772 A-shares were converted to B-shares as requested by shareholders.

Share conversion was connected with arrangements, aimed at reducing the voting power in SanomaWSOY of Sanoma Corporation's traditional shareholders as agreed in connection with merger, as was announced publicly on 15 May 1998.

The total numbers of shares after the conversion

A-shares: 5,805,123 shares representing 116,102,460 votes. B-shares: 30,575,276 shares representing 30,575,276 votes. The total number of shares will remain unchanged 36,380,399 shares, total votes 146,677,736.


Raija Kariola Vice President, Investor Relations and Group Communications

DISTRIBUTION: Helsinki Exchanges, principal media