Our Mission and Purpose

We impact the lives of millions of people every day. We work hard to equip the world with the highest-quality learning resources, Finnish independent media and local entertainment. We aim at creating better understanding for people, communities and businesses to evolve and thrive.

Our learning products and services enable teachers to develop the talents of every child to reach their full potential. We offer printed and digital learning content as well as digital learning and teaching platforms for primary, secondary and vocational education, and want to grow our business.

Our Finnish media provide independent journalism and engaging entertainment also for generations to come. Our unique cross-media position offers the widest reach and tailored marketing solutions for our business partners.

Today, we operate in twelve European countries and employ more than 5,000 professionals. In 2021, our net sales amounted to approx. 1.25bn€.

A Learning and Media company of the future

We innovate and grow. We constantly develop our learning solutions, which today is much more than textbooks. We accelerate our digital business and always strive to improve our performance. We cherish our brands, and make them multichannel. We operate with efficiency, sharpen our business portfolio, and create a high performance culture.

Our strategy

We consist of two strong focused businesses, a growing European K12 Learning business and a market leading cross-media business in Finland, each a leader in their own fields. We aim to further grow our leading position in European K12 Learning and the profitability of our Finnish News & Entertainment business.

We are the leading European K12 learning company with a full portfolio of Learning products, platforms and services. We aim to grow by growing our market share, expanding our printed and digital offering to capture increased revenue per student in the countries in which we operate and through M&A of content businesses. We create excellent open platforms and cooperate with all leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) players; we share the underlying technology across all our businesses and develop in an efficient way to also serve smaller markets.

In Media our focus is News & Feature, Entertainment and B2B marketing services in Finland

We create value through growing our News & Feature subscription business through (regional) autonomous increase in subscribers as well as highly synergetic bolt-on acquisitions. We have a strong customer focus to autonomously grow our business to gain scale in digital products while continuing to serve ‘print lovers’.

Our Customers are at the heart of everything we do

We aim to serve them in the best way. We connect media content, services, brands and people – everywhere and every day. For teaching and learning we develop new, personalised solutions both for digital and print. For advertisers we provide powerful marketing opportunities through our reach and consumer insight.

We think and work according to our organisational values

We always look ahead. We are eager to know what is around the corner. We are future oriented. 
We share, and urge others to share views, opinions and experiences. We speak up.
We engage, involve, and activate people with things that matter to them.
We make it happen and aim to create an impact every day. We are agile.