Sanoma’s Board of Directors approves all strategic sustainability guidelines and monitors the Group’s sustainability development and performance.

The Audit Committee acts as Sanoma´s Sustainability Committee and supports the Board, for example, in reviewing Sanoma’s sustainability reporting, progress and ensures regular monitoring of the Sanoma Sustainability Strategy at least twice a year.

The President and CEO is responsible for overseeing sustainability, supported by the Executive Management Team (EMT). The EMT is responsible for outlining the company’s strategic approach to sustainability, managing sustainability development and monitoring how sustainability is reflected in the business units. Together with the business units, the EMT develops annual strategic guidelines and targets for the Sanoma Sustainability Strategy as well as approves major sustainability projects. The EMT proposes the annual strategic guidelines to the Board for approval and reports on sustainability progress to the Audit Committee twice a year.

Together with the Strategic business units, the Sanoma Sustainability Team prepares sustainability development measures and actions, coordinates sustainability progress and makes proposals to the EMT.

Our Sustainability Working Group, consisting of selected representatives across the Group, follows the implementation of the Sustainability Strategy, coordinates sustainability development and actions, and evaluates risks and opportunities regarding sustainability convening quarterly.

Sanoma has embedded sustainability to the incentive programme of the senior management. In 2021, sustainability targets made up 20% of Sanoma’s annual short-term management incentives on the target level.